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BEST Way to Get 6 Pack Abs (AT HOME)


BEST Way to Get 6 Pack Abs (AT HOME)

Date: 2019-08-03 13:40:50

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This is how you get six pack abs at home fast without using gym equipment. It’s the best way to get a ripped 6 pack without using a gym. This ab workout is great for beginners and as well as those of you that are advanced with some modifications. Also a meal plan and diet plan is included. This ab workout will help you get 6 pack v cut abs.

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Diet 0:32
Strict or Flexible Style 1:21
Calorie Deficient 3:02
Building Up Your Ab Muscles 4:51
Raised Leg Crunch 5:39
Jackknives 6:11
Leg Raise Pulse Ups 6:44
V Sit Ups 7:31
Navy Seal Sit Ups 8:08
Isometric V Hold 9:07
Reverse Crunch 9:29
Long Arm Crunch 9:51
Oblique V Sit Ups 10:14
Windshield Wipers 10:42

If you really want to develop a 6 pack, but you don’t belong to a gym don’t worry. Because even though having a gym membership will give you access to a wider variety of machines, most of the long-standing tried and true ab exercises that get you the best results don’t actually require a gym. By performing the right exercises and by following a solid meal plan there’s no reason why you can’t develop and define your abs at home. So today I’d like to show you step by step exactly how you would do that. Before I go over the best ab exercises that you can do at your own house, let’s start first with diet. Usually, diet is ranked more important than exercise, especially when it comes to the abs. This is because in order to see your abs you’ll have to be at a low enough body fat percentage to not have a bunch of fat covering them up. And the common assumption is that once you get under 12 percent body fat you’ll be able to see your abs. Unfortunately this is a myth. Some people will have to drop their body fat percentage much lower than 12 percent, while others will be able to maintain their abs at higher body fat percentages than 12 percent. But the bottom line is that without lowering your body fat percentage it doesn’t matter how bulky your abs are, they just won’t show. So if you’re serious about getting abs and you want to do it at home, you can do it, but you’re going to have to eat the right way. There’s no way around that. When choosing how to structure your diet you’ll first have to decide if you want to go for a strict or a flexible dieting style. While a strict diet may produce faster results, a flexible diet will be far easier to stick to for a longer period of time. If you can’t stick to your diet you’re not going to get any results, so any easy option that anyone can start with is an if it fits your macros approach. You would simply track the amount of protein, carbs, and fats that you’re taking in daily and make sure that you’re hitting the right targets. To find out your daily targets of how much of each macro you should be eating per day to hit your goal you can use the free macro calculator that I have linked up below. Once your plan loads, the different options that you can select like the recommended option, ketogenic, and bodybuilder option simply will offer you different macro nutrient splits, based on the amount of calories you’ll need to eat to hit your goal. Now the reason why if it fits your macros is considered a flexible diet plan is because you can swap out certain foods on your plan for others, as long as you hit your daily targets for the day. This can work out great when done correctly, but the problem is that many people will go overboard with this “eat what you want” mentality. And I’ll tell you right now that’s not going to work and it’s definitely not going to help you get abs. Sure you can swap out brown rice for pop tarts and hit your carb targets for the day that way, but you’ll struggle to burn off that abdominal fat if you do that. And this because fat loss isn’t just about calories, it’s also about the impact that those calories have on your hormones and your body in general. In order to burn fat your body needs to release an enzyme known as “hormone senstitive Lypase. and there’s a reason why it’s called “hormone sensitive” rather than “calorie sensitive.” So to get abs yes you will have to be in a calorie deficit, but you can’t be in a calorie deficit that’s mostly made up of junk food because this will negatively effect your insulin sensitivty, you’ll be missing out on important vitamins and minerals, and your workout performance will suffer. If you replace whole carbs like sweet potatoes and oats with sugary foods it may also make it harder to stick to your diet plan, because you’ll begin to crave more sugar (1) and because your leptin levels will drop, while your hunger hormone ghrelin will rise. (2) So the best strategy to make an if it fits your macros plan work is to only swap…

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